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English in Psychology for Students and Practitioners I


A good command of English has become indispensable to students, researchers and practitioners in psychology. In addition to reading and listening tasks that develop your receptive skills, the course includes written and oral exercises such as summaries, discussions and short presentations that develop your productive competencies.

The course acquaints you with reading techniques and the language of written English (special terminology and common phrases) to enhance your understanding of complex academic publications on a range of psychology topics. Listening exercises familiarize you with various presentation styles and accents to develop your capacity to extract and understand crucial information. And you develop confidence, fluency and accuracy in discussing, presenting and writing.

More details via: https://sprachenzentrum-angebot.unibas.ch/sprachenzentrumsangebote/Sprachen/semesterkurse-276309/english-in-psychology-for-students-and-practitioners-i-296579