27 Sep 2017

Department of Psychology (Missionsstrasse 64a)

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English in Psychology: Learning Competences, Motivation and Development

The main goal of this course is to become more familiar with written and spoken English as used in the psychological context of learning competences, motivation and development; and to be able to understand and apply this professional English. In addition to reading tasks from this field of psychology, as well as written and oral exercises in the form of short summaries and discussions, participants will be taught reading strategies designed to aid them in improving their English, and will receive additional support according to their specific needs. Psychological terminology in general will be practiced.

The course language is English, therefore, before commencing the course, participants will be assessed by computer on their ability to participate. Due to the variety of topics and key aspects covered, the courses "English in Psychology: Learning Competences, Motivation and Development" and "English in Psychology: Learning Strategies, Memory and Identity" can be taken independently.

Tutor: Dr. Sandra Senti
Credit points: 3
Place: Department of Psychology (Missionsstrasse 64a)
Time: Wednesday, 18h00-20h00; Course dates: Course dates: 27.9., 4.10., 11.10., 1.11., 8.11., 15.11., 22.11., 29.11.2017 and 13.12.2017
Fee: CHF 288 (students); CHF 576 (employees)

Further information and registration (deadline: 25.09.2017):


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