08:30-09:00Welcome & Registration (workshops only) 
09:00-11:00Workshop: Argumentation in ScienceProf. Dr. Claus Beisbart
 Workshop: Create Your Personal WebsiteProf. Dr. Rui Mata
 Workshop: Take the Academic DigitourMaura Hannon
11:00-11:15Coffee Break 
11:15-12:30Networkingsee below for details
12:30-13:30Lunch Break (Late Registration)


13:30-14:30Poster Sessionsee below for details
14:30-15:30Think Tankssee below for details
15:30-16:00Coffee Break 
16:00-17:00Keynote: Communicating Sleep Science – A Personal AccountDr. Christine Blume

Farewell & Poster Awards

 From 17:30



Workshop Speakers

Networking Session

Networking is crucial for success, whether for our research goals or careers. However, many early-career researchers often find this tricky or even distressing. It takes skill and practice to enjoy and benefit from networking. Therefore, this part of BEACON 2022 is dedicated to providing a low-barrier opportunity to make new contacts in the informal ambiance of a relaxed promenade before lunch.

In matched pairs of two, you will be strolling through the beautiful Kannenfeldpark and get the chance to leisurely chat and exchange with fellow researchers. Over the course of 30 minutes, you will have several short speed dates with researchers from other divisions. Your task will be to exchange on your personal scientific identity, goals, and visions.

Poster Session

Join us for a 1-hour poster session after lunch, which will be split into two parts: for the first 30 minutes, half of all presenters will be at their poster, and the other half of presenters will have a chance to go around and learn about the presenters’ works. Then we will switch: for the next 30 minutes, presenters become visitors, and visitors become presenters. We will also have a range of (non-traditional) poster awards, so if you think you should get a prize for ‘largest-dog-sample’ research or best ‘1-minute-musical-summary’, get creative and tell us about your work! Also, you get to vote on who should receive which poster award, so take your time perusing the posters and engaging with the presenters.

The poster session will offer a platform for early-career researchers to present their past, current, or planned research to their peers, paving the way for subsequent peer mentoring and collaborations. This part of the conference is a core element to boost exchange and networking between all members of the faculty and, as a result, garner potential support and collaborations among peers. The two-part structure will create ample opportunity for exchange. 

For further details about poster design and awards, visit our "Abstracts and Posters" page.

Think Tanks

A think tank gathers a group of (interdisciplinary) experts to tackle particular issues or ideas, often with a view to solving particular political, societal, or economic problems. Think thanks conduct scholarly research, create a space for debate, generate ideas, and provide intellectual resources to the public.

During the afternoon of BEACON 2022, you will participate in a 1-hour think tank session to collaborate on current topics relevant to early-career researchers at the Faculty of Psychology. For this purpose, you will be assigned to a think tank group. Each group will select one particular think tank problem from a range of predetermined topics. Each group will then explore their chosen topic and propose specific solutions or approaches. The sessions will be mentored and supported by members of the BEACON team. The think tank groups' products will be curated and made available.