Services for Expatriates and their Families

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Living within an international community comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. Big life changes can lead to adjustment difficulties and increased stress, which can be particularly demanding in an unfamiliar environment. Being away from home can be especially challenging for children and adolescents, and extra support can ease this transition and reduce ongoing problems.The Center for Psychotherapy at the University of Basel provides opportunities for change and better individual functioning, according to personal goals and values.

We offer evidenced-based interventions and a panel of tools to help fit your needs. We are experienced in delivering professional care in the areas of depression, anxiety, social difficulties, stress management, behavioral problems, eating disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Our team at the Center for Psychotherapy consists of highly qualified local and international psychotherapists who fully understand the unique challenges and constraints that international expatriates and their families face. We offer ambulant psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, and families in native English, French, German and Italian.

Our fees are based on the “Anordnungsmodell”. We charge CHF 154.80 per 50min session, including 10min of preparation and follow-up. We offer a reduced rate for students at CHF 130 per 50min session, including 10min of preparation and follow-up. In addition, our services by psychotherapists can also be charged via the mandatory insurance. The rate for federally recognized psychotherapists is CHF 154.80 per hour excluding the costs of additional services (e.g. preparation and follow-up). More information regarding the 'Anordnungsmodell' can be found here, and the template for an 'Anordnung' here. Several domestic additional health insurance companies (Zusatzversicherung) may bear a part of the expenses of the psychotherapeutic treatments until the end of the year 2022. More specific requests for information should be made directly with your health insurance company preferably before the first appointment.

Animal-assisted psychotherapy can also be covered by the mandatory health insurance. However, the appropriate keeping, daily care and training of the various animals cannot be covered by the mandatory health insurance. In order to be able to cover these costs and to continue to offer animal-assisted psychotherapy, we will charge a fee of CHF 15.00 per therapy session from March 2023 to every family or individual who wishes to make use of animal-assisted psychotherapy will be charged 15CHF. The client must pay these CHF 15.00 per therapy session and cannot be charged to any insurance company. More information about the additional costs of animal-assisted therapy and inquiries about financial support can be found here.

If you are looking for comprehensive assessment, treatment or training contact us by email for a first appointment. All inquiries are treated confidentially and without obligation.