Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Heike Gerger

Senior research assistant







02/2008 – 03/2013

PhD in Health Sciences (Psychology, “insigni cum laude”); Defence on 7th March 2013, Supervisor: PD Dr. Jürgen Barth

Title: “Sources of bias and variation in meta-analytic psychotherapy outcome research”; Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) & Graduate School of Health Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland


10/2005 – 09/2006

Training in solution-focused brief therapy, 

Institute for Solution Focused Communication, Bielefeld, Germany


10/1999 – 09/2006

Diploma “with honours” in Psychology (Dipl.-Psych.), Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Ehring

Title: ”Characteristics of the explicit trauma memory: Testing the fragmentation hypothesis”; University of Bielefeld, Germany


Employment history including current position

01/2014 – ongoing

Postdoctoral research fellow, Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Basel (Prof. Dr. Jens Gaab), Switzerland (part-time 50%)

Ongoing Projects:

- Treatment of symptoms following trauma experience

- HEAL-D: Erfassung relevanter Aspekte von Behandlungen”: Translation and Validation of the Healthcare Experience and Attitudes from the Patient’s Perspective (HEAL) scale

- Beyond laughter: How hospital clowns may affect hospitalized children - A parent, health staff and clown perspective. In cooperation with Stiftung Theodora in Basel

Research visit: Harvard Medical School 30/05/2016 – 06/06/2016


02/2008 – 03/2013

Research assistant, ISPM, University of Bern (PD Dr. Jürgen Barth), Switzerland (part-time 60% since 09/2011)

Projects (funded by Swiss National Science Foundation):

Revising the Berne meta-analysis for psychotherapeutic interventions: Network meta-analysis of controlled clinical studies (PD Dr. Jürgen Barth)

Moderators of effects in psychotherapy outcome studies: Impact of patient characteristics, treatment approaches and study characteristics (PD Dr. Jürgen Barth)


06/2007 – 12/2007

Research assistant, Division of Clinical Psychology/Rehabilitation, University of Bielefeld (Prof. Dr. Michael Brambrinck), Germany (part-time)

Project (funded by German Research Association):

Acquisition of simple and complex perspective taking skills in blind and sighted children (Prof. Dr. Michael Brambrinck)

Stress prevention trainings in schools in and around Bielefeld, Germany (part-time)

Team and outdoor trainings (part-time)


10/2006 – 05/2007

Watch Captain on the three-masted topsail schooner “Thor Heyerdahl” 


10/2005 – 09/2006

Assistant for course administration, Institute for Solution Focused Communication, Bielefeld (Dipl. Psych. Frederick Linßen), Germany (part-time)


10/2004 – 12/2004

Social competence trainings, Adult Education Centre Hannover, Germany (part-time)


10/2001 – 09/2005

Student research assistant, Division of Social Psychology,
University of Bielefeld (Prof. Dr. Gerd Bohner), Germany (part-time)

Project (funded by German Research Association):

Perceived attitudes of others and men’s proclivity to sexual aggression: Normative influences and anchoring effects