Roshin Kunnel John

Doctoral Student 

Faculty of Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

University of Basel, Missionsstrasse 62a

4055 Basel,(+41)061 2070345 

Office:Missionsstrasse 62, Room 02. 010

Master of Philosophy in Psychology(M Phil) Bangalore,South India-Karnataka.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT) National Institute of Mental Health and NeuroSciences,Bangalore.

Masters in Clinical Psychology & English Literature(M.A) Madhya Pradesh, North India-Indore.  

Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) M.P,N.India.

Bachelors in English Literature M.P,N.India.

Higher Secondary School M.P,N.India.

Secondary School Cherthala, Kerala, S.India.

Principal, CBSE,Higher Secondary School-2012-2015

School Administrator-2006-2012

Councillor & Teacher; Youth & Children -2001-2005

Youth Animator & Family Counselling- 2007-2012

Internship under a Consultant Clinical Psychologist-2013 


2012-14:Relationship of Stress with Suicidal Ideation in 10th Grade Students(Masters)

2015-16:Meaning Making and Psychological Coping of Individuals with Chronic Renal Failure(M.Phil)

Statistical Methods in Behavioural Research,NIMHANS

APA Style and Writing, Christ University

Life Skills Training, SUKRUT-Bangalore

Orientation to Psychotherapies, NIMHAN,Centre for Wellbeing

Emotion Regulation for Healthy Living, Bangalore,NCB.

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