Decision Neuroscience

At the Center for Decision Neuroscience, we are studying the neural and cognitive mechansims underlying decision making and learning. Our research methods comprise the assessment and mathematical modeling of choices and learning processes, neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG), and eye-tracking.

We are a team of young researchers with close connections to the Center for Economic Psychology (Prof. Rieskamp) and the Master and PhD programs in Social, Economic, and Decision Psychology (check out the SWE-blog).


26.08.2019  New publication in Computational Brain & Behavior: A commentary on the importance of power analyses for cognitive modeling.

01.08.2019  Gregory Benjamin Elbel and NoĆ«lle Burri joined our team as new student assistants. Welcome and best wishes for a good start!

21.06.2019  Regina has been accepted in the antelope program, a career program for female (post)doctoral researchers. It includes an expert exchange, a career camp and several coaching sessions. Congratulations!

18.04.2019   Lauras publication on a reinforcement learning diffusion decision model for value-based decisions, published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, is now online.

08.02.2019   New publication in eLife, in which we present a simple and very efficient method to better connect cognitive models with brain data.

17.01.2019   Laura defended her doctoral thesis successfully and received the top grade of summa cum laude. Congratulations!

08.01.2019   We have a review article on complex value-based decisions together with Jerome Busemeyer und Brandon Turner in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

04.01.2019   Our work on context effects in experience-based decisions, published in Psychological Review, is now (finally) online.