Decision Neuroscience

At the Center for Decision Neuroscience, we are studying the neural and cognitive mechansims underlying decision making and learning. Our research lies at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and economics ("neuroeconomics"). Our methodological toolbox comprises behavioral experiments, computational modeling of cognitive and neural processes, neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG), and eye-tracking.

We are a team of young and ambitious scientists who strive for academic excellence as well as for robustness and replicability of empirical research. Thus, we embrace the principles of open science and good scientific practices, such as preregistration of studies and hypotheses, sharing codes and data, and publishing results on preprint servers and open-access journals.

The Center for Decision Neuroscience is part of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Basel. Within the faculty, we are connected to the Master and PhD programs in Social, Economic, and Decision Psychology (check out the SWE-blog).


05.08.2020   New publication: Peter's on comparing single- vs. dual-process accounts of memory-based decisions will appear in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review soon.

11.06.2020   Regina's work (with Peter and Sebastian) on linking memory-based decisions with decisions under uncertainty has just been accepted at Psychological Science.

28.05.2020   Here are some accepted talks from our group at upcoming (virtual) conferences: Regina @ NeuroPsychoEconomics; Laura, Peter and Sebastian @ MathPsych

09.04.2020   Peter's proposal for extending his PhD by a year to conduct an exciting project on associate memory and decision making was accepted by university's research fund. Congrats, Peter!

06.04.2020   Funding approved! The Volkswagenstiftung supports the summer school on cognitive modeling that Laura and Sebastian plan to do together with Jan Gläscher's lab in Hamburg. Because of COVID-19, however, interested students will have to wait till next year.

29.03.2020   The COVID-19 pandemic affects all of us. Together with our behavioral science colleagues here in Basel, we are setting up a webpage that provides information about our expertise and ongoing projects related to COVID-19.

03.02.2020   Our work on attention and normalization in multi-alternative decisions is now published in Nature Human Behaviour.