Experience science

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Would you like to participate in social psychological studies and experience science? You are welcome to take part in studies of our center at any time, thereby making an important contribution to scientific progress - psychological science is relying on your participation!In our studies, you will be, for example, asked to fill out questionnaires, do tasks, or report on your daily experiences. The studies typically take 5 to 30 minutes. We would be very excited to welcome you in our labs or online!

What kind of studies are there?

  • Online studies: Data collection takes place online.
  • On-site presence is not necessary - you can participate whenever and wherever you like.On-site studies: Typically taking place in one of our laboratories (02.005) at Missionsstrasse 64a or at the Kollegienhaus, Petersplatz 1 (Room 023).

Where/how are the studies announced?

  • Through our mailing list. You can sign up for free and without any obligation, you can modify your account anytime, and it only takes two minutes to sign up. Click here to get to the mailing list.
  • For psychology students: Via BAPS and notices on the boards at Missionsstrasse.

Semester raffle

Each semester, we raffle off one or more attractive prizes for University of Basel students. Increase your chance of winning by participating in our studies - the more studies you participate in, the more raffle tickets you get, and the greater your chances of winning.