Psychological support for victims of the war in Ukraine

The Faculty of Psychology is deeply concerned about the military invasion of Russia in Ukraine. We are worried about the safety and the well-being of the people in Ukraine as well as about the peace in the region and the world at large. The protection, the respect as well as the regard of freedom, self-determination and physical and personal integrity are central and indispensable rights of all humans.

For those affected and burdend by the war in Ukraine, the Faculty of Psychology offers free psychological support. Our team consists of certified and trained psychotherapists and psychotherapists in training, you can find their profiles below. To get psychological support, simply send an email, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also indicate your personal preference for whom you want to talk to. Psychological support can be provided on site in Basel or on Zoom (or any other app). Psychological support encompasses up to five sessions and there will be no costs.

Emma Jones MSc

Emma Jones MSc

I am a Psychotherapist offering support for adults, families and children who are experiencing distress due to the current Ukraine crisis. A native English speaker, I use mindfulness based techniques and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy in my approach.

Psychologue et psychothérapeute, je propose des séances de soutien aux adultes, enfants et professionnels de santé en difficulté psychologique du fait de la crise en Ukraine. Je propose des séances basées sur les principes de la thérapie cognitive et comportementale ainsi que la pleine conscience, en français.

Languages: English et français
Qualifications and titles: Master of Science in Developmental Psychology, Postgraduate training and certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through the Association Française de Thérapies Cognitives et Comportementales, Postgraduate training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Specialisation in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy through the Association Française de Thérapies Cognitives et Comportementales.


Dr. Mayte Parada

As Russia invades Ukraine, civilians caught up in the war zone are at significant risk for mental health consequences including depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress. The impact of these experiences can be far-reaching, passing down from parent to child and working through these experiences alone can be incredibly difficult. I offer my support during this very difficult time.

Languages: English

Education and Qualifications
PhD in Psychology, Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)
MScA in Couple & Family Therapy (Montreal, Canada)


Sarah Bürgler MSc

The war in the Ukraine is a dreadful and dramatic event. For those affected it causes severe anxieties, uncertainties and distress. I hope to provide you with all possible support during this difficult and distressing time.

Languages: English and German.

Education and Qualifications:
- MSc in Psychology, University of Basel
- MAS in Personcentered Psychotherapy, University of Basel (in training)


Dilan Sezer MSc

The war of Russia in Ukraine is beyond anything most of us have ever experienced. It has changed the lives of millions very abruptly and dramatically, causing devastation, sadness, anxiety and hopelessness. Dealing with these overwhelming emotions can be challenging. I am gladly there for you and hope to support you during this intangible time.

Languages: German, English

Education and Qualifications
- MSc in Psychology, University of Basel
- MAS Person-Centered Psychotherapy, University of Basel (in further education)


Marc Inderbinen MSc

The current situation is a great psychological burden, which questions the previous values in principle. In this time it is my concern to offer you a safe space in which your own feelings and thoughts can be perceived and expressed. Together we will look for new ways and strategies that will support you in coping with the current situation.

The current situation in Ukraine is deeply disturbing and threatens values we have so firmly believed in before. In these troubling times, I want to offer a safe space, to talk about your troubles and worries. Together, we aim to find ways to handle the current situation.

Qualifications and titles
- MSc in Psychology, University of Basel
- MAS in Person-Centered Psychotherapy, University of Basel (in further education)