Steve Heinke

Steve Heinke

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Economic Psychology 

Research Profiles: SSRN

Research Interests

  • Experimental Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Decision Making

Current Projects

  • Measuring risk preferences
    Improving lottery based risk elicitation tasks.
  • Expectation Formation in Economic and Finance
    Apply established psychological concepts of expectation formation into the context of economic and financial decision making.
  • Cognitive abilities in the consumer choice of energy efficient products
    Consumers often neglect the aspect of energy efficiency in their consumer choice, eventhough the have preferences and willingness to pay for energy efficency. This project tries to understand what might be the cognitive limiting factor in the decison process. 

Selected Work

  • Hefti, A., Heinke, S., & Schneider, F. (2016). Mental capabilities, trading styles, and asset market bubbles: theory and experiment.

Work History

  • 2017-present:    Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Psychology,  University of Basel
  • 2011-2017:       Ph.D. Candidate, University of Zurich

Teaching Skills (U Basel)

  • Seminar: Experimental and Behavioral Finance, Projektseminar for Bachelor Students