Supervision, Workshops, Postgraduate Training

Not only our personal life is characterized by each and every step in our development, but our professional life depends of it just as much and continues to develop itself constantly. With supervisions, workshops and postgraduate training we offer assistance in individual as well as team specific issues.

  • We offer supervision in systemic, hypnosystemic therapy as well as behavioural therapy. We will assist you in reflecting back onto your work and help you develop further professional expertise. In our work we pair an extensive repertoire of methods with decades of professional experience. Not only do we offer counselling on work related questions but we also impart founded, developmental psychological knowledge and will accompany you along the way.
  • Additionally, we offer modules for further education and training for schools.
  • The ZEPP offers postgraduate training in child and juvenile psychology to post graduate psychologists. Furthermore we offer additional ZEPP-employee courses within the scope of the WB-KJP-Curriculum. Our head of study course in WB KJP is Ina Blanc.
  • Letizia Gauck offers postgraduate training at other faculties and institutions such as the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW, Studiengang Integrative Begabungs- und Begabtenförderung), Pädagogische Hochschule Zug as well as the Pädagogisches Zentrum Basel-Stadt (PZ.BS).
  • Susy Signer is an internationally recognised expert in hypnosystemic methods. She offers talks as well as courses to everyone interested in hypnotherpeutic methods (