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Prüfungsanmeldung an der Juristischen Fakultät FS23

Informationen des Studiendekanats der Juristischen Fakultät

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Placebos reduce feelings of guilt

Guilt is an uncomfortable feeling and can be burdensome. Researchers at the University of Basel have shown that placebos can help reduce feelings of guilt, even when the placebo is administered openly. People don’t always behave…

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Career programmes

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Doc.Mobility@unibas 2023 / Forschungsfonds 2023

Mobility grants for doctoral students The call is aimed at doctoral students from the University of Basel who wish to strengthen their scientific network at a research institute abroad. The mobility grants enable a research stay of 6–12…
SNSF Call 20233

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SNSF Starting Grant 2023 Call

The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched the “SNSF Starting Grants” call last week, with a deadline 1st February 2023. This is a combined scheme to replace the ERC Starting Grant Call, as well as the former SNSF schemes…
Schwander-Brombacher Stephanie

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A warm welcome - Stephanie Schwander-Brombacher

New managing director of the Faculty of Psychology
War in Ukraine

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Process for hosting refugee students and researchers from Ukraine

On March 29, 2022, the President's Board approved the process of hosting refugee students and researchers from Ukraine at the University of Basel. This process was developed in collaboration with the Department of National and International…
Fakultät für Psychologie

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Statement of the Faculty of Psychology on the War in Ukraine

The Faculty of Psychology is deeply concerned about the military invasion of Russia in Ukraine. We are worried about the safety and the well-being of the people in Ukraine as well as about the peace in the region and the world at large. The…