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The expert on pain in children

Helen Koechlin

© PD Dr. Helen Koechlin @SNF

Chronic pain in children was not taken seriously for a long time. And greater awareness is still needed today. Psychologist Helen Koechlin's research is helping with this.

Helen Koechlin sits at the bistro table in the Zurich station concourse. There is hardly any other place where life pulsates louder than in the heart of the city: air hammers bang, trams screech, commuters' shoes clack over the stone floor in quick time, a group of children jump around. If they had a headache, it would not be a pleasant place to play. Koechlin explains: "In fact, about a quarter of all children and adolescents suffer from chronic pain. Most people are surprised to hear that. Pain lasting longer than three months is more likely to be associated with adults."

The full article can be found on the website of the Swiss National Science Foundation.