Die Abteilung Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie f├╝hrt zahlreiche Forschungsprojekte durch, von denen einige hier sowie auf den untergeordneten Websites beschrieben sind.

  • Home abroad: Living within an international community comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. Big life changes can lead to adjustment difficulties and increased stress, which can be particularly demanding in an unfamiliar environment. We aim to better understand the factors that promote positive adjustment and well-being during the relocation process. Therefore, we are conducting various research projects on this topic, which then will inform fitting and effective support for internationals and their families working and living abroad. Please visit our <link de kppt forschung projekte home-abroad research-on-internationals-and-their-families internal link in current>research website to find our more on this topic and also participate in our studies. Also, we offer evidence-based services to support positive well-being and adjustment of internationals and their families working and living in Switzerland. For more information, please visit our <link de fakultaet universitaere-psychologische-dienste zentrum-fuer-psychotherapie services-for-internationals internal link in current>services website.