At the Center for Cognitive and Decision Sciences (CDS) we offer the following courses.

Bachelor Program

Vorlesung: Geschichte der Psychologie (Prof. Rui Mata)
Vorlesung: Kognitionspsychologie II (Prof. Rui Mata)
Vorlesung: Urteilen und Entscheiden II (Prof. Rui Mata)
Seminar: Wie schreibe ich eine Bachelorarbeit in Cognitive and Decision Sciences? (Prof. Rui Mata)
Seminar: Empirisch-experimentelles Projektseminar (Loreen Tisdall, Victoria Siegrist)

Master Program

Masterprojekt: Entscheidungspsychologie (Prof. Rui Mata, Dr. Renato Frey, Dr. Dirk Wulff)
Seminar mit Übung: Negotiation (Dr. Renato Frey)
Seminar mit Übung: Forecasting (Dr. Renato Frey)
Theorieseminar: Erfahrungsbasierte Entscheidungen: Von der Theorie zur Praxis (Dr. Renato Frey) 
Theorieseminar: Netzwerke in der Psychologie (Dr. Dirk Wulff)
Theorieseminar: Was sind gute Entscheidungen? (Dr. Dirk Wulff)
Seminar mit Übung: Natural language processing as a tool in psychological research? (Dr. Dirk Wulff)
Kolloquium: Cognitive and Decision Sciences (Prof. Rui Mata)
Kolloquium: Current Topics in Social, Economic, and Decision Psychology

Information on the Master's Examination at CDS can be retrieved from the following page:

Master's examination

sample of the evaluation form for theses written at CDS can be found here:

Evaluation form CDS

Bachelor's Thesis and Master's Thesis

We also offer supervision for Bachelor's and Master's Theses on the following topics:

  • The lifespan development of decision-making from childhood to late adulthood.
  • The link between cognitive and affective processes of decision-making in clinical as well as non-clinical populations.
  • The biological fundamentals of judgment and decision making.
  • The effect of individual and age-related differences in decision-making in everyday consumer choice, health decisions, and financial decisions.

If you are interested, please make an appointment with Rui Mata.