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Programing-Workshop "Scratch": 03.November 2018, 10. November 2018 and 17. November 2018 each day from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., suitable for children ranging from 9 to 12 years of age.

15. - 16. November 2018 Course lead by lic. phil. Susy Signer-Fisher about Real-Virtual-Phenomenal: real and virtual worlds - hypnosystemic methods with children, juveniles and adults. For further information please click here.

"Warum Ängste bei Kindern normal und wichtig sind" - an article with Ina Blanc discussing the topic of child fears. When is fear normal and when does it become problematic?. If you are interested in this topic or are experiencing a similar situation, then this other article might spark your interest as well: "Mein Kind hat starke Ängste, was soll ich tun?".

Past courses

  • Programing-Workshop "Scratch" 2017: our programming-Workshop was held on the 10. June 2017, 17. June 2017 und 24. June 2017 with 10 children attending each time.
  • Teile-Therapie-Tagung in Heidelberg with lic. phil. Susy Signer-Fisher as guest speaker on the subject of hypnotherapeutic and systemic concepts for working with children and adolescents. Interview with lic. phil. Susy Signer-Fischer and Dr. med. Gunther Schmidt, click here.

Vergangene Veranstaltungen

  • 14. May 2018: Silvia Meyer will be giving an informative lecture about the recently revised and expanded Intelligence- and development test method IDS-2. During this two hour long venue, you will be given the chance to receive founded theoretical as well as practical insight into the newly revised test method. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You can find further information on our Flyer.

Past Events

  • 09.14.2017-09.16.2018: "When does it make sense to diagnose intellectual aptitude? From chances to risks in in applying such a fashionable term" - Presentation by Dr. Letizia Gauck at the Congress "Promoting intellectual giftedness and aptitude" in Brugg-Windisch.
  • 11.02.2017: Lecture on the topic of "Media consumption during childhood: Dealing with Internet and Co." - Presentation by Dr. Nina Claus-Pröstler as part of the travelling exhibition "Discovering the world"
  • 11.02.2016: Our third presentation as part of our ZEPP lecture series, was brought by Dr. Giselle Reimann. Her presentation addressed the subject of "How to improve your own learning experience as well as those of your child."
  • 09.07.2016: Our third presentation as part of our ZEPP lecture series, was brought by M.Sc. Janina Bühler und M.Sc. Rebekka Weidmann. Their präsentation was dedicated to the subject of "Everyone is his own luck's smith - How personality and partnership are connected with each other".
  • 09.06.2016: Start of our ZEPP lecture series in 2016 with a presentation, held by .lic .phil Susy Signer-Fischer on the subject of "From fear to safety - Dealing with anxiety among children, juveniles and adults". 
  • 29.04.2016: Our Jubilee Symposium with the title "Masterly performance - performance mastered". You can find further information related to all of our talks and events here.
  • 17. Juni 2018 Radio SRF2 Sendung Kultur: Wunderkind Alma Deutscher "Ich möchte kein zweiter Mozart sein". For further information about this broadcast, please click here.
  • 5. Juni 2018 Radio SRF2 Sendung Kultur:  "Wunderkinder" der Musik - zwischen Förderung und Verheizung with Dr Letizia Gauck expert for intellectual aptitude. You can listen to the broadcast here.