"Did you know...?"

... that the street in front of a flower shop is the perfect place for flirting?

Women more often agree to go on a date in front of a flower shop compared to other places. This might be the case because flowers elicit positive feelings, raising receptivity to flirting. Are you curious to learn more?

... that fair trade chocolate might be less healthy than conventional chocolate?

Chocolate with a fair trade label is erroneously judged as having fewer calories than "conventional" chocolate. This is the case because we infer that the positive property "fair trade" is accompanied by other positive aspects such as containing fewer calories. In psychology, this phenomenon is called "halo effect". Are you curious to learn more?

... that good decisions are best made when you sleep?

Our brain can only process a fraction of information consciously. To make complex decisions, it might therefore be wise not to actively think about the problem but to leave the decision to unconscious thinking processes. Are you curious to learn more?

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