Social Psychology

Research focus

The Center for Social Psychology undertakes research at the interface between social psychology and consumer psychology, as well as judgment and decision making. Our research approach is social-cognitive and empirical-quantitative; our interest lies in both the fundamental processes of social cognition and perception as well as applied issues, for example in consumer psychology.

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What is social psychology?

Social psychology explores the thoughts, feelings and behavior of people in their social environment. In comparison with other sciences, the focus is on the individual. Two assumptions are fundamental for research in social psychology: On the one hand, social psychology assumes that human thoughts, feelings and behavior are not directly influenced by the "objective" situation, but rather by its subjective "construal". Whether a glass is perceived as half full or half empty can lead to very different consequences - even though the "objective level" is the same. On the other hand, social psychology emphasizes the "power of the situation". This means that human thoughts, feelings and behavior are influenced to a considerable extent by the (subjective) social situation, and not only by stable personality traits. The field of social psychology includes stereotypes and prejudice, group processes, love and attraction, the perception of oneself and other persons, attitudes and attitude change, help behavior, aggression, life satisfaction, and so on…

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