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Where trust ends: Fanny Lalot explores the consequences of betrayal

Lalot Fanny

Fanny Lalot researches trust and betrayal during her postdoc at the Faculty of Psychology. (Photo: University of Basel, Eleni Kougionis)

Fanny Lalot deceives others. Only within the scope of a study, however. The psychologist wants to find out how trust is built and broken. This is not her only research topic: Lalot seeks to shine a light on all sorts of human behavior.

When it came to deciding what to study, Fanny Lalot was spoiled for choice. “I wanted to do everything and it was so hard to choose,” she recalls as she thinks back to her path into psychology. Initially, Lalot – now a postdoc – studied medicine for a semester, but it did not appeal to her in the slightest, so she switched her degree subject. “That’s when I completely fell in love with psychology.”

She particularly enjoyed experimental psychology, and she stuck with her alma mater, too: after her Bachelor and Master studies in Geneva, she went on to do a doctorate in social psychology. “I started as a research assistant in the group. After I graduated, one of the professors offered me the position. It was such a great opportunity,” the 33 year old recalls.

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