Dr. Fanny Lalot

Assistentin / PostDoc (Sozialpsychologie)


Missionsstrasse 64A
4055 Basel

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I am a postdoctoral research associate in the Centre for Social Psychology at the University of Basel, which I joined in September 2021. Previously, I was a research assistant and Ph.D. student at the University of Geneva (2013-2019) and a teaching assistant at the Swiss Distance University Institute (2013-2021).

I obtained my Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the Universities of Geneva & Lausanne in January 2019 (director: Prof. Juan M. Falomir-Pichastor). My dissertation investigated how past behaviour can influence future behaviour, by triggering either consistency or self-licensing. I was particularly interested in the moderating role of regulatory focus and of majority-minority norms supporting the behaviour in question. In 2016 I entered the first Swiss edition of Three-Minute Thesis and was awarded the first prize at the qualification round of the University of Geneva video (in French).

After graduation, I joined the Centre for the Study of Group Processes at University of Kent where I worked as a Postdoctoral research associate (2019-2021). I worked closely with Prof. Dominic Abrams and other members of the CSGP on various projects, including group processes and stereotypes, moral identity and prosocial behaviour, and field experiments to improve environmental behaviours. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we obtained funding from the Nuffield Foundation to conduct a longitudinal project assessing changes in societal cohesion in the UK during the pandemic, Beyond Us and Them. We studied the interconnected phenomena of attitudes towards government measures, political trust, interpersonal trust, normative influence (e.g., driving compliance with restrictive measures), volunteering, perception of the future, emotions, collective action (e.g., protesting against lockdowns), social cohesion programmes, etc. 

My research interests are broad. I investigate moral behaviour in the broadest sense (e.g., pro-environmental, pro-social) in relation with motivational factors and group processes. Other research interests include human motivational systems, social influence and group processes, personality and perception of the future. I am currently developping a new line of research focusing more specifically on trust and its effects for societal cohesion as well as interpersonal relationships. 

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