Academic training in psychology at the University of Basel is divided into three parts: bachelor program, master program, and doctoral studies. These pages provide information about the program offers in social psychology. Our teaching goals are to inspire students about social psychology and to provide them with a first-class qualification, making them highly valued experts for a variety of professional domains. Our graduates are characterized by their ability to investigate problems in a methodically stringent manner and thereby be able to make evidence-based decisions. Furthermore, social-psychological knowledge is relevant for a broad range of areas in modern society and can be widely applied. Besides equipping our graduates with a qualification for the job market, we aim at familiarizing our students with research and want to encourage and foster their interest in it. We consider it a privilege to support skilled young academics throughout their career path. International contacts and networking are key components of fostering the development and flourishing of scientific talents.

Bachelor program

The bachelor program at the University of Basel offers a sound scientific education in the fundamental fields of academic psychology. Social psychology is an essential part of this education and focuses on individuals in their social environment. Courses provide students with many interesting findings that are highly relevant for everyday life and all areas of applied psychology (e.g., clinical psychology, workplace and organizational psychology, educational psychology).

Master program

In the master program, the foundations of the bachelor program are consolidated and complemented by the latest social-psychological theories and developments. The focus is, among others, on specific questions from applied social psychological areas (e.g., “communication”). The master program at the Center for Social Psychology is a central part of the core research area “Society & Choice”. Within this research area, basic principles of social psychology, decision science, and cognitive psychology are expanded and their implications for human behavior in social and economic contexts are investigated, for example organizational psychology, economic psychology, and consumer behavior. The master program in psychology is designed as a two-year full-time degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students obtain the title “Master of Science in Psychology”.

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The doctorate represents the third level of academic training in the field of social psychology at the University of Basel. Dissertations at the Center for Social Psychology consist of several empirical journal contributions. PhD students in social psychology are part of the doctoral program Society & Choice.