Social psychology is inside but not on the label

Social psychology is included

Social psychologists are needed in many professions

Social psychology is a basic subject. At first glance, this doesn't sound very helpful on the job market. However, social psychology is actually "inside" many areas of everyday life and the world of work, even if it is rarely "on". Graduates of social psychology, for example, work in the following areas

Health psychology and sports psychology
traffic psychology
user research
Leadership coaching and conflict mediation
Personnel and organizational development
Psychology of sustainability
Consumer psychology, market and advertising psychology

Last but not least, social psychology provides many important insights for the largest application field of psychology, clinical psychotherapy practice. Important clinical concepts such as attributions, thinking styles, mindfulness, judgment errors, placebos, etc. are researched jointly by social and clinical psychology. Anyone who decides to pursue a clinical-therapeutic career after their studies is therefore on the right track in social psychology.

Study content of social psychology

Exciting from A to V

Exciting from A to V

The Master's courses offered by the Center of Social Psychology are a central component of the Major "Society & Choice". In this Major you can expect exciting seminars and lectures, depending on the semester, for example on:

Assessment centers
Development of training concepts
Leadership in organizations
Group dynamics and social norms
Organizational development
Performance management
Conspiracy narratives

Master projects

Master's examination

Oral Master's examination: Preparation

1. registration for the Master's examination: via the online registration form of the Office of the Dean of Studies.

2. agreement on the special topic: The agreement on the topic can be made by e-mail; a visit to the consultation hour is not a prerequisite. The topic agreement should be initiated no later than four weeks before the examination date.
In order to agree on a topic, please send an e-mail to the examiner stating (a) the desired topic, (b) at least four original papers from peer-reviewed journals for the topic, and (c) the title of the Master's thesis (the Master's thesis must not overlap with the topic). The original papers should come from four different groups of authors. Please list the original papers in the e-mail text as references with APA formatting and attach the individual papers as PDFs to the e-mail. After feedback from the examiner, a revision may be necessary.

3. preparation and submission of the summaries: After (!) explicit approval by the examiner of the chosen topic/original work, one-page summaries of the original work must be prepared. These must be submitted by e-mail in a single PDF no later than three weeks before the oral examination. The PDF should contain a title page in addition to the original papers.

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