The Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation

The Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation


Published August 14, 2020.
Open access: here.


"This is an interesting, innovative and important book on a very significant social issue. Fake news have been the focus of intense public debate in recent years, but a proper scientific analysis of this phenomenon has been sorely lacking. Contributors to this excellent volume are world-class researchers who offer a detailed analysis of the psychological processes involved in the production, dissemination, interpretation, sharing, and acceptance of fake news. This book should be essential reading to anyone interested on public affairs, and especially to students, researchers, applied professionals in the social sciences."

– Joseph P Forgas , Scientia Professor, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Table of Contents

01. What is new and true about fake news? 
Greifeneder, R., Jaffé, M. E., Newman, E., & Schwarz, N.  

02. How Bad is the Fake News Problem? The Role of Baseline Information in Public Perceptions 
Lyons, B., Merola, V., & Reifler, J.  

03. Truth and the Dynamics of News Diffusion on Twitter 
Ackland, R. & Gwynn, K.  

04. Retracted Articles – The Scientific Version of Fake News 
Bar-Ilan, J. & Halevi, G.  

05. When (Fake) News Feels True: Intuitions of Truth and the Acceptance and Correction of Misinformation 
Schwarz, N. & Jalbert, M.  

06. Truthiness: How Non-Probative Photos Shape Belief 
Newman, E. J. & Zhang, L.  

07. Can that be True or is it just Fake News? New Perspectives on the Negativity Bias in Judgments of Truth 
Jaffé, M. E. & Greifeneder, R.  

08. False Beliefs: Byproducts of an Adaptive Knowledge Base? 
Marsh, E. J. & Stanley, M.  

09. Psychological Inoculation against Fake News 
van der Linden, S. & Roozenbeek, J.  

10. Your fake news, our facts: Identity-based motivation shapes what we believe, share, and accept 
Oyserman, D. & Dawson, A. 

11. Conspiracy Beliefs: Knowledge, Ego-Defense, and Social Integration in the Processing of Fake News 
Albaraccin, D. 

12. Fake News Attributions as a Source of Nonspecific Structure 
Axt, J. R., Landau, M. J., & Kay, A. C.


Published open access thanks to the generous support of the Swiss National Science Foundation, grant #10BP12_193570.