Like a guiding light, the Boost and Exchange Academic Conference (BEACON) supports early career researchers at the Faculty of Psychology in finding new opportunities for scientific exchange, shared learning, and professional development.


BEACON 2022 was dedicated to the topic Communicate Your Science!

The 2nd BEACON Conference of the Faculty of Psychology offered:

  • Bite-sized, skill oriented workshops for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers
  • A two-part poster session to display and discuss current research
  • Group-based Think Tanks made up of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers
  • A keynote presentation by a leading expert on the topic of communicating psychological science research


Check out our booklet by clicking here.

Poster award winners

Please check out Posters for the winners of our poster awards and a complete list of registered abstracts!

Keynote Visualization

This year's keynote talk was accompanied by a graphical recording made by Dr. med. Patrick Rebacz, a medical doctor and artist who specializes in the visualization of (scientific) concepts. Check out his visualization of Dr. Christine Blume's talk here!

Supported by:
Faculty of Psychology, University of Basel
Center for Cognitive and Decision Sciences, University of Basel
Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie, University of Basel
Klinische Psychologie und tiergestützte Interventionen, University of Basel