Anne Günther
Assistentin / Doktorandin
Fakultät für Psychologie
Psychology of Sustainability and Behavior Change

Assistentin / Doktorandin

Missionsstrasse 62A
4055 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 68 15


About Me

Anne joined the PSBC lab as a PhD student in April 2023. Her research focuses on the development and validation of behavioral interventions to support energy-related decision-making and public policy. Using a wide range of methods, including experimental paradigms and process tracing tools, she investigates the underlying processes of these decisions and the effectiveness of behavioral interventions. 

She is involved in the SWEET CoSi project, in which she is working on the representation of individual decision-making in energy models, in particular agent-based models. 

Anne studied psychology at the Universities of Münster and Munich, Université de Fribourg, and worked at the Technical University of Munich.