Rainer Greifeneder

Prof. Dr. Rainer Greifeneder

Professor (Sozialpsychologie)


Missionsstrasse 64A
4055 Basel

Rainer Greifeneder

My research focuses on how individuals make sense of the social world in which they live, and how this social world influences their thinking and feeling. I am particularly interested in the impact feelings have on judgment and decisions, and on individuals’ experience and perception of social ostracism.

I head the Center for Social Psychology at the University of Basel.

I am also heading the Social, Economic, and Decision Making PhD-Program and the Graduate School of Psychology.

I serve as the Dean of Research of the Faculty of Psychology.

I am serving on various department and university committees, including the Regenz.

You can find out more about me on ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

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You can find an automated list of my publications here.

I am regularly teaching lectures and seminars on social psychology, on the BSc, MSc, and PhD level.

You can find an automated list of my currenct and upcoming courses here.

For my teaching, I was awarded the University of Basel Teaching Excellence Award 2019 "Starke Fundamente".

The students of the Department of Psychology of the University of Basel have awarded me their prize for excellent teaching in 2017 and 2019.

2011     Habilitation, University of Mannheim, Germany, Venia Legendi Psychology

2007     PhD, Social Psychology, University of Mannheim, Germany

2003     Graduate Studies, Psychology, University of Mannheim, Germany

2002     Graduate Studies, Fulbright Scholar, Social Psychology, University of Virginia, USA

2001     Undergraduate Studies, Psychology, University of Mannheim, Germany

Consulting Editor: Emotion; Journal of Behavioral Decision Making; Social Influence; Zeitschrift für Psychologie

Adhoc Reviewing:Acta Psychologica; Applied Cognitive Psychology; Basic and Applied Social Psychology; British Journal of Social Psychology; Cognition; Cognition and Emotion; Current Directions in Psychological Science; Emotion; European Journal of Cognitive Psychology; European Journal of Marketing; European Journal of Social Psychology; Experimental Psychology; International Journal of Psychology; Journal of Applied Social Psychology; Journal of Behavioral Decision Making; Journal of Consumer Behavior; Journal of Economic Psychology; Journal of Experimental Child Psychology; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied; Journal of Experimental Psychology: General; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; L’Année Psychologique; Marketing ZFP; Memory & Cognition; Motivation and Emotion; Personality and Individual Differences; Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin; Perspectives on Psychological Science; Psychological Bulletin; Psychology & Marketing; Psychology of Popular Media Culture; Science; Social Cognition; Social Psychology; Social Psychological and Personality Science; Social Justice Research; Soziale Welt; Swiss Journal of Psychology; Weather, Climate, and Society

Member SNSF Eccellenza committee in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Swiss National Science Foundation
Mentor Swiss Study Foundation
Member Ethics Committee, Department of Psychology, University of Basel
Chairman Executive Committee Graduate School of Psychology, University of Basel
Member University PhD Committee, Universität Basel
Member Commission Scientific Award of the City of Basel, Switzerland
Member Regenz, University of Basel
Director Ph.D.-Program Social-, Economic and Decision Psychology (SED-PSY)
Member University Library Committee, University of Basel