The University of Basel has a strong research focus and aims for scientific excellence. Continuous improvement of research performance is an important strategic goal. The assessment of scientific excellence and research performance is primarily carried out in the respective research area and respects the respective cultures.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Faculty of Psychology provides a means to assess and develop research quality within the University's international and institutional context. The SAB consists of external experts with a high international reputation. The SAB of the Faculty of Psychology reviews approximately every two years the research performance and advises the Faculty on strategic orientation and organization.


Prof. Stephan Lewandowsky

BA (Wash.College), MA (Tor.), PhD (Tor.)
University of Bristol
Beacon House
Queens Road
Bristol, BS8 1QU / UK


Prof. Terrie E. Moffitt, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Duke University
100 E. Franklin Street
Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8100 / USA


Prof. Dr. Christian Unkelbach

University of Cologne
Faculty of Human Sciences
Social Cognition Center Cologne
Richard-Strauss-Strasse 2
DE-50931 Köln / Germany


Prof. Miranda van Tilburg (Chair)

Professor of Medicine, Marshall University
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina
Affiliate Professor of Social Work, University of Washington

Marshall University
Joan C Edwards School of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
1249 15th Street Huntington WV 25701


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Randspalte: @ Sir NY8pF / unsplash