Applied Decision Science

Data is ubiquitous but must be harnessed to generate solutions to real-world problems. The Center for Cognitive and Decision Sciences uses the tools of evidence-based decision making to help tackle challenges faced by the public and business sectors. Our approach: We combine the tools of the decision sciences with data analytics to develop data-driven solutions.

What we do

Strategy Analytics


Strategy and Planning

We help develop tailored plans for data collection and analysis to support evidence-based decision-making.



Data Analytics

We combine the tools of the decision sciences with data analytics to generate insights from data.




We provide training in evidence-based decision making and data analytics to help others make sense of evidence.

Past and Ongoing Projects

Stress Project


Stress Assessment

We used psychometric methods to examine the validity of a stress assessment based on employee self-reports for a large insurance company.



Sustainable Development

We use natural language processing methods to obtain an overview of ongoing research efforts on sustainability at higher-education institutions.

Flight Unibas

Behavioural Interventions

Flying Less

We analyse mobility patterns to estimate the potential carbon footprint reductions of interventions targeting changes in academic travel (train vs. plane).


Do you have questions about how you can use data to help you make better decisions? Please contact us to start a conversation. 


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